Sath Fuson



hight 6’3
weight 215
job: working for bucks pawn
clan gangrel
truned date oct. 31 2011 (belive the girl was in to biten)
undead age 1
birth date feb. 21 1990
human age 22
hometown LA
Covenant Ordo Dracul



starting at a young age sath had a nat for boxing and brwling geting in to fights at school was a common thing for him so his parants sent him to army were he exseld in the close corders combat but his poor ablity to shoot a gunhurt his chanse to she any real fighting but do to he strange and stami and close corders ablity he was a instuter for new recuits and the boxing couch for the army boxing team but in a cover up he was honorly dischanged but his daed was faked so he lost his wife or 2 yaers and he 1 yaer old and 3 month kid and the army promise to support theem but he was forced bounced form place to place and bar to bar and gym to gym for about a yaer or so then he return to LA his home town in his underground fighting he manage to pay rent but one night after win his fight he meet megan a normal looking girl who he look a likeing to and was his oppits girl so he bet 1000 vs he girl for the night win take all and well one ttwo three fight over catch his oppit with a haymaker and takeing his gir to his place and there was her true colors and there he was turned following her being her lapp dog for about 6 months he met buck and it was a eazy job and turns out that he was a vampir to and that was in the same covnant and that he story many part of he life r a blank to him today be cause of the repeat conclusions loseing track of megan shorty after start work for buck he give up on her enjoying the knew found strange he had he found and won fight after fight till he end up kill and member by actused and being shuden once again he turn to partying and till looking for megan he has lose all his goals in life exspet become king of LA and fine her ass and kill her for takeing away he life he had 2 kids and a wife befor his turning live now live some were in baltmore and he main goal in life to fine and be reuinted to them and possably one day them join him in his vampir life.

Sath Fuson

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