Lasille **deceased

LA's Prince



Clan: Venture
Covenant: Invictus
Home Town: Champagne, France
Birthdate:June 09 1742
Age: 270
Apparent age: 30
DOD: 1772
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’3
Weight: 140

Long running Invictus Prince of LA. Recently disturbed by the move to split Los Angeles he’s been actively campaigning against the split as personally it will reduce his over all power and Primogen who he’s kept fighting among themselves will become his equals.

He’s known to be a cunning manipulative sociopath. He has powers of Dominate, Majesty and most are unsure what else.

His death has led to a large power vacuum left behind, though he was a cruel and manipulative Prince, a duplicitous bastard by reputation, there are many he has kept out of LA and only time will tell if his long awaited death is to be a blessing or a curse to his kingdom…


Fought in the french revolution. Making him nearly three hundred.

Lasille **deceased

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