LA Broken

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-They meet Oliver Lawrence The Prince of Seattle, known movie lover he buys one of Charlie Chaplin’s hats from Buck and he offers them work.

- Our characters have met Oliver Lawrence, Deep and Casey, they intend on being in charge of Hollywood and drugs around the area with the muscle of the Armenian Mafia.

-They also hear about an attack that occurred on Oliver Lawrence by The Werewolves.

- The they learn of a freshly awakened vampire who as returned from Torpor insane. They learn his name is Garza Sands.

-They attend a meeting vampires call Elysium, their in attendance while they see Lawrence during a truce between him and the wolves brokered by Raven. They meet Cassandra and her father and their given over for a favor from them. From Lawrence their given an old movie studio.

-Maria Batiste comes to town to investigate Lawrence. She makes an attack on him but she was unable to strike him at full force because the player characters were in her way. (commanded to stand in front of him). Their told only to do what she says if she can make them. They also learn of Lawrence’s short climb to power.

- A few nights later Garza comes to Buck’s pawn, knowing it’s a vampire owned store he buys ammunition chainsaw a shotgun and body armor and pays well.

-They meet Tyler, a vampire who is disassociated but very well tuned into the Danse Macabre, he offers vehicles and sells them at discount to covenant members, he also write Harlequin novels and owns a Vietnam era Cobra Helicopter, fully armed.

During a drug deal with Paul Buck and Sath are ambushed, Paul is shot by a sniper and is later hospitalized. Sath has a firefight with Police getting the drugs back. Paul’s car was taken, and Buck’s was destroyed, on foot their carrying Paul and get picked up by an old man on the road. Driving an old car.

This was apparently some sort of spiritual being that has the werewolves stirred up. They take him to see a shaman, Victor Blaine. Who tells them they have an evil taint on them, it will eventually wear off but this will eat up the resources of the wolves in the area and become a big problem for them.

Buck and Sath soon meet Cletus Van Damn who is charged by Lawrence to help with any endeavors they need.

Sath decides to try and claim Deep’s territory with an ill thought out plan and gets beaten into torpor by about ten guys in a house party. Tyler awakens him and Cletus pays him to allow him the claim.

Their told to meet with Matseg, the head of the Armenian Mob. When they do their given contract of three of his workers and asked if they can perform a job in three month’s time of destroying a Mexican Meth super lab which they decide to take.

Sath sells Casey his controlling share of the movie studio for 30k to get equipment.

Seeking more help they talk to Gallo in San Francisco, a man who will also benefit substantially from the Meth lab being taken out. After a few weeks they get a call back, after taking everything into consideration they head to Mexico.

In Mexico they are forced to kill several people, given rule is not let anyone get away. They snag one of the cooks and head back across the border. The characters are somewhat tortured by the things they’ve done.

When they get into town Matseg pays them the money by means of security deposit boxes.

When they get back to town they get a visit from another vampire sent to help them.

Their out that night and they see Lasille driving a car by himself, that being a pretty rare sight they decide to follow. When he reaches his destination, they see him meeting with Garza, obviously shadowy activity. They believe Garza to be under some sort of thrall from Lasille. Garza turns and notices them, he sees them without a shadow of a doubt and lies to the prince about it. After the Prince leaves they see Garza take out his pistol and throw it to the ground, then he leaves.

It’s decided they should ask around as to what the gesture of dropping the gun meant, when Casey is asked he tells them it’s some sort of proposition but he’s unsure how to respond. They then decide to ask Victor.

They get to his hospital and find it’s under heavy guard and they take their presence as a major threat, their asked to leave all but two people who go and meet with Victor. He tells them to go and leave their gun with his to accept, do nothing not to accept.

-They go leave their gun with his, they learn he was previously affected mentally and forced to do several acts against his will. He explains that he intends to kill Lasille and he also intends to consume his soul. To do this he asks for the parties help retrieving an artifact that he claims will shutdown vampire abilities within it’s sphere for a limited time.

-They gather equipment and head to an abandoned rest area in the middle of nowhere, and decide to tell the Armenians the truth of about their nature, their shocked and compelled to distrust them. They gather that a cave beneath the rest area contains the item. They tunnel into the cave and find it’s full of Revenant vampires, they fight their way to item and kill and diabelierize a few along the way.

-Sath his badly injured and his mind affected by his diabliare and getting knocked into torpor. He’s haunted by the mind of one who calls himself Perry obviously a veteran of some past war. He also reveals his remote device.

-They finally get the item their looking for, and make it back home.

- Their is a meeting between MAria BAtiste and Laurence under the advisement of Raven, this meeting is basically Raven assuring Laurence’s safety and meanwhile advising Maria that any action on her territory against Laurence or any of his people will result in her termination and full scale elimination of the church’s people within the city.

- LAter they find out that a group of militant humans called the MAjestic 12 are attempting to control vampire politics and control them. They have detailed files on multiple vampires(all?) within a hidden mining cave in Manchester, KY.

- In order to save vampire kind Oliver allows Casey to be captured, he releases a deadly virus into the Majestic compound, eliminating the bulk of their people, and opening the vent shaft inside their base (South Africa). Laurence and his people use the nuclear device Laurence has smuggled into the country and Majestic 12 is eliminated, Koufax killing their leader on a plane to New Zealand. Making Oliver King of South Africa.


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