Jack Holmwood


Dr. JAck Holmwood as he would prefer to be called is a Malkovian and surprisingly open and proud of that fact. Being over three hundred years old, he has little patience for those who would doubt him. He seeks one thing in particular, he’s driven by a madness that to him appears to be an unlimited chaos only he is connected to. He believes everything, all the swirling nether in the universe is chaotic random and without meaning. This outlook makes him especially dangerous.

There are those who have OCD, it usually manifests as a desire to through force of will make a more appeasing world though order and structure that pleases the mind. Jack’s particular brand of delusion is just the opposite, he prefers only to move certain pieces on the chess board and watch the outcome, the scattered pieces all struggling against one another is a brilliant painting in his head.


Jack Holmwood

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