Garza Sands

Psycho vampire


Concept: Lone wolf
Covenant: Unaligned
Clan: Nosferatu
Home Town: Barcelona, Spain
Age: 61
Apparent age: 29
DOD: 1978
Nationality: Spanish American
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’6
Weight: 143

Went into torpor after a shootout with Police officers, he was taken into care by the Queen of San Francisco who until recently has been unable to wake her mate Nomed who was knocked into Torpor during the same gunfight that brought down Sands.

-Before Torpor he destroyed the Lancea Sanctum’s headquarters in LA. He worked for them but Lasille spent time using his ability on him while he was weak and he eventually broke through Garza’s normally resilient mental blocks. After his Torpor the altering Lasille placed was no longer prevalent and it causes Garza much anguish.

-He brutally killed an Armenian arms dealer and Deep to earn Lasille’s trust.

-Masquarading as working for Lasille, La’s current prince although he was the reason for Sands last Torpor and his brainwashing at Lasille’s hands made him a deviant to the church he loved most.

-His revenge involves eating Lasille’s soul. He wants to consume him. To help, he see’s the party members and offers them his aid, he tells them to get him the an orb that can disable a vampires powers for a short time. It’s an old device shrouded in the legends of the Lancea Sactum.


He’s a former CIA agent sent to infiltrate Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel, while he’s undercover he begins to feel sympathy for Pablo and begins to side with him. Though he is killed meeting his contact with the CIA he intends to tell nothing. Killed by Pablo’s men who find out. The church he is shot is a Lancea Sactum home, there he is embraced and they take him.

Garza Sands

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