Edvard Karin

Armenian mob Muscle


Home Town: Kapan, Armenia
Birthdate: August 25,1986
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’11
Weight: 200

Edvard works for Matseg but is taking orders from Cletus who works for Lawrence. He’s a trained military veteran, well versed in firearms tech and saw a lot of time on the streets before he came of age. He carries a .45 Mark 23 and a SIG 552 for bigger jobs. He’s familiar with many weapons and can shape explosive charges and handle explosive equipment.


Arman,Edvard,Margos All went to Iraq in early 2004, while there they saw combat along side the Israeli special forces. After awhile in service they switched from Ak-74s to the Israeli 552 so they wouldn’t be mistaken for insurgents who also used the AK designed weapons.

After Iraq they returned home to factory work and quickly put in for service again. Years went by and the government never came. Edvard’s father however had a debt to settle with Petros, a man soon destined for America, given that the debt was a car, Edvard stepped up and offered that he work for Petros in America. The offer was refused but Margos and Arman pitched in for their travel to America and it was accepted. After a few months of great work, Petros offered their contracts to Matseg for more power which he was given.

Edvard Karin

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